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Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Forum Posts: The Ultimate Fighter's Return to Drunken Idiocy

I recently posted the following on the MMAWeekly Forum.

Question: What do you call a reality show in which a house is stocked with an unlimited supply of hard alcohol, and then you act surprised in the result that you anticipated, encouraged, and hoped for?

Answer: A concept that was trashy, repetitive, and out-of-date in 1999. In 2008, it's just pathetic. Like a lot of people, I choose to watch The Ultimate Fighter because I enjoy MMA. I don't enjoy the obsolete 1990s reality show concept of "get a bunch of drunkards in a house, get them wasted, and film the ensuing chaos." I can't believe I missed South Park for that garbage.

The fact that Junie Browning is STILL not kicked off of The Ultimate Fighter is ridiculous. After all that he had already done (or even without it), jumping over the Octagon fence in an aggressive manner in order to instigate a fight would have likely been enough to get his license temporarily revoked by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, as Dana White said.

But because Keith Kizer wasn't there in person on that day, it's like it never happened? That's a B.S. cop-out. The UFC officials who were there couldn't have decided that was the final straw to kick Browning off the show? Of course they could have. Anybody who was present to witness the incident couldn't have later said to Keith Kizer, "Hey, there was an incident at the TUF tapings, I think you need to take a look at this"? Of course they could have.

The producers of TUF and the people who make the decisions on who gets kicked off or doesn't get kicked off have made abundantly clear, if it hadn't already been made clear in the previous week's episode, that they don't have much faith in the concept of "a bunch of young fighters struggle to earn their way into the TUF finals." Instead, they are determined to promote, exploit, encourage, and profit from the 1990s reality show concept of "get a bunch of Type-A personalities in a house, get them wasted by stocking the house with an unlimited supply of hard alcohol, and film the chaos." You think there's going to be another incident of some kind involving Junie Browning before the season wraps? Of course there is, and that's the point. It's "Trash TV" at this point, and it could be so much better than that.

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