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Saturday, January 19, 2008
Forum Posts: Ridiculous Statement of the Month

"Thirteen new states regulated MMA last year and Hawaii is one of them, so we want to come there, but the regs aren’t done yet. We’re not like all these other ‘cheese ball’ shows; we can’t go there until the regs are done.”

— UFC president Dana White, on a conference call to promote the UFC’s show in unregulated, unsanctioned England

The statement that Zuffa made to the media for many years was that they would never run shows that weren’t regulated and sanctioned, and that “unlike the previous owners,” Zuffa would “run towards regulation, not away from it.”

The statement was never, “We won’t run unregulated, unsanctioned shows in America,” it was, “We won’t run unregulated, unsanctioned shows.”

I assumed that kind of talk would subside once they started to regularly hold unsanctioned, unregulated shows in the United Kingdom, but apparently not.

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