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Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Forum Posts: A One-Sided Feud Between UFC and EliteXC Presidents

As written by Ivan Trembow on the MMAWeekly SoundOff Forum:

Regarding the contrived “feud” between the UFC's Dana White and EliteXC's Gary Shaw (which is not much of a “feud” until they have both shown that they can draw money in MMA, as opposed to just one of them), Shaw has no credibility in talking about the MMA industry as long as he’s booking “Kimbo Slice vs. Tank Abbott” main events.

After Kimbo vs. Tank, I can't wait for Kimbo vs. Gannon and then maybe Tank vs. Butterbean and then maybe Tank vs. Gannon and then maybe Butterbean vs. Gannon! This is high-quality MMA at its finest! (sarcasm intended)

As for White’s retort to Shaw that the UFC's PPV numbers in 2007 were actually up from their 2006 numbers, that’s pretty impressive if the UFC’s gross PPV revenue in 2007 was MORE than their $222 million in gross PPV revenue from 2006.

It's also interesting to note that based all of the published numbers on the UFC's 2007 PPV buyrates on Yahoo Sports and the Wrestling Observer, even if UFC 78 and UFC 79 both did way above expectations, there’s still no way Zuffa would have matched the 2006 total of $222 million in gross PPV revenue. They could reach $200 million, but not $222 million.

The reason this becomes increasingly relevant is because the top PPV main-eventers are getting paid based on what they are told the PPV numbers are, and the fighters have no way of knowing whether or not the numbers they’re told are the actual numbers.

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