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Monday, September 04, 2006
Mixed Martial Arts--- UFC 62 Draws Third-Biggest Gate in UFC History
by Ivan Trembow
Originally Published on MMAWeekly

UFC 62 drew the third-biggest live gate in UFC history on August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the Mandalay Bay Events Center was not sold out, despite repeated claims to the contrary during the pay-per-view broadcast, UFC 62 was still a huge success at the box office, as it managed to become the third event in UFC history to surpass the $3 million mark in gross ticket receipts.

The total number of tickets sold for the event was 8,954, for a live gate of $3,040,880. In addition, there was 905 free comp tickets that were given away, so the total attendance in the building was 9,859. While the Mandalay Bay Events Center can hold over 11,000 fans with the UFC's set-up, the third-biggest gate in UFC history can still be considered nothing less than an enormous success at the live gate.

Despite having what was perceived beforehand as a weaker main event (Chuck Liddell vs. Renato Sobral II, along with Forrest Griffin vs. Stephan Bonnar II), UFC 62 still managed to surpass the live gate revenue of UFC 60, which generated $2,900,090 in live gate receipts with the main event of Matt Hughes vs. Royce Gracie.

The top four live gates in UFC history have all come in 2006. UFC 57 drew the biggest live gate in company history this past February, as the event headlined by Chuck Liddell vs. Randy Couture III generated $3,382,400 in late gate receipts.

The number two live gate in UFC history was drawn on July 8th by UFC 61, as the event drew a live gate of $3,350,775 with the co-main events of Tito Ortiz vs. Ken Shamrock II and Tim Sylvia vs. Andrei Arlovski III.

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