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Thursday, September 28, 2006
Mixed Martial Arts--- K-1 Event to Premiere in United States with One-Month Tape Delay
by Ivan Trembow
Originally Published on MMAWeekly

The opening round of this year's K-1 World Grand Prix will be available on American pay-per-view outlets, but not until four weeks after the event takes place in Japan.

The field of sixteen remaining fighters from across the world will be narrowed down to eight on September 30th at the "Final Elimination" event in Osaka, Japan, and the event will debut on United States pay-per-view outlets on Friday, October 27th. Like previous K-1 PPVs, this event will be three hours long and will carry a suggested retail price of $29.95.

In addition, Doug Jacobs of Integrated Sports, the company that distributes K-1's PPV events in the United States, tells MMAWeekly that the company will be distributing the October 9th K-1 Hero's event on American PPV, although a premiere date has not been set. The Hero's MMA event in question is not on the schedule for October, so the earliest that it could possibly premiere on American PPV is November 1st.

Jacobs also said that Integrated Sports plans to distribute the K-1 World Grand Prix Finals on American PPV. The event takes place on November 25th in Tokyo, Japan, and a PPV premiere date for the United States has not yet been set. On this event every year, the field is narrowed from eight quarter-finalists to one World Grand Prix Champion, and it was MMA veteran Semmy Schilt who won the crown last year.

The annual K-1 Dynamite show, which takes place every year on December 31st, will also be distributed on American PPV at some point, but once again a premiere date has not been set.

While the next two major K-1 events (Final Elimination and Hero's) will have significant tape delays in the United States, Jacobs said that Integrated Sports plans to air K-1's events on American PPV with shorter tape delays in the future. Jacobs said, "We will certainly try to do future US-based shows live. As far as Japan shows, we are exploring same-day delay and quick turnaround delay."

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