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Sunday, November 27, 2005
Mixed Martial Arts--- Here's an interesting news item about the always classy Phil Baroni, from the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter...

"After the UFC show on 11/19, many of the fighters went to Pure, a night club in Caesar's Palace. Phil Baroni was there, and apparently way out of control. He saw Chris Leben, who UFC was attempting to match him up with, but it fell through, largely because Baroni was under contract to Pride. Baroni, pissed off and angry, approached Leben. Leben, seeing the state Baroni was in, stayed very calm. Baroni asked Leben if he wanted to fight him, and Leben said, 'No, you would probably kill me,' smartly diffusing the situation.

However, Baroni then saw an MMA web site reporter who apparently had made a lot of cracks about Baroni and steroids, and punched the guy in the face. The reporter was sitting with BJ Penn, who stepped in and told Baroni to cool it. Baroni, who was holding a drink, put his drink down and then challenged Penn to go at it. Unlike Leben, Penn was ready [to fight], but it was broken up by security because a punch had been thrown [at the reporter] and Baroni was out of there."

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