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Sunday, October 23, 2005
Pro Wrestling--- The TNA Wrestling "Bound for Glory" pay-per-view starts tonight at 7:30 PM Eastern Time, and I'm looking forward to it. This will be the first TNA PPV that I have purchased since December 2002, when the product completely stunk. Now it's home to some of the best in-ring wrestling action in North America, as you know if you've been watching "TNA Impact" on Spike TV this month.

On tonight's card, there are three matches that are clearly "Match of the Year" candidates on paper: AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels in a 30-minute Iron Man Match, Samoa Joe vs. the Japanese legend Jushin "Thunder" Liger, and the Ultimate X Match with Chris Sabin vs. Petey Williams vs. Matt Bentley. In particlar, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe are better in-ring workers than the vast majority of WWE's roster.

In another pro wrestling-related topic, the topic of Kurt Angle getting a separation/divorce from his wife was recently brought up on the Pro Wrestling Torch Message Board. I believe it was in a newspaper interview where Kurt Angle said for the first time publicly (a few months ago) that he had been separated from his wife and was in the process of getting a divorce.

Previously, there had been many, many times in newspaper articles where Angle openly talked about how worried his wife was about his physical well-being and his neck condition, and the fact that she previously wanted him to retire instead of risking paralysis. Angle said many times in interviews that he had to convince his wife to "give her blessing" for him to continue wrestling at various times when he has had setbacks with his neck condition and probably shouldn't have been wrestling.

In the last year or so, those quotes in interviews changed to, "I'm going to keep wrestling no matter what," as opposed to, "I'm going to keep wrestling as long as it's not incredibly unsafe for me to do so, and as long as my wife and I are on the same page about it."

Though the full circumstances of Angle's separation from his wife are not known, I think it's safe to say that at least a big part of it was that Angle finally had to choose between his WWE career and his family, and he chose his WWE career.