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Monday, October 31, 2005
Pro Wrestling--- In the "Holy S--t!" Deparment, Christian (Jay Reso) has quit WWE and will likely be going to work for TNA. Despite being one of the most promising young talents in the pro wrestling industry, Christian was never given a full-fledged push by WWE management and probably never would have been, simply because he doesn't have the heavily roided-up body that WWE management craves. So when his WWE contract expired recently, Christian decided not to re-sign with WWE. If more WWE wrestlers decide to do this over time, the pro wrestling industry as a whole will be a lot better off.

Here's what Dave Meltzer reported about this situation on the Wrestling Observer web site:

"Jay Reso's final match in WWE was last night at the TV tapings in Los Angeles. While the WWE web site reported him quitting, which was accurate, what happened was a week ago in San Francisco, he was given a new contract and told to sign on the spot [his old contract had expired]. He didn't sign [and decided to leave WWE]. He did come back to work and do another job last night when he quit. --- Wrestling Observer"

In an update to the story, Meltzer also reports that even though he is under no contractual obligation to do so, Christian has made himself available for tonight's Raw show in Anaheim and tomorrow's Taboo Tuesday PPV in San Diego, just to be extra professional in how he's doing this. Meltzer also alludes to the fact that WWE released the information itself about Christian quitting on WWE.com because they were incredibly paranoid and worried about the possibility that word of Christian's departure would first appear on one of the insider pro wrestling web sites.

"From what we understand, Christian is in Anaheim for TV and was planning on going to San Diego for Taboo Tuesday, even though he probably won't be voted in. WWE may change those plans, but he was expected to be at both dates to be a professional. The big question has been why WWE released the information before late Tuesday night after the show. Paranoia is striking deep. --- Wrestling Observer"

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