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Thursday, October 27, 2005
Pro Wrestling--- I taped WWE Raw on Monday night in order to watch the debut of the "Pride: Fully Loaded" pay-per-view instead. After seeing the headlines and then reading the description of the "Vince McMahon performing surgery" skit, I am going to skip Monday night's show altogether. I could make better use of the tape that I used if I were to tape a test pattern for two hours, because at least a test pattern wouldn't make fun of someone's real-life cancer scare.

According to the review of the episode on the Pro Wrestling Torch web site, Vince started off with the obligatory jokes about Jim Ross being "full of crap." Then a skit aired in which Vince McMahon pulled various objects out of what was supposed to be Jim Ross' rectum, and this went on for seven or eight minutes. Just for good measure, the skit ended with McMahon humping the fake nurse on the fake operating table, which is ironic since McMahon has (self-admittedly) cheated on his wife on dozens of occasions.

I haven't watched this skit and I'm not going to watch it, but from reading about it online I can safely say that this is right up there with Triple H simulating intercourse with a dead body on Raw, or Jon Heidenreich anally raping Michael Cole on Smackdown, as far as "offensive WWE skits" are concerned.

This skit just made it all the more obvious to the world that Vince McMahon is a piece of garbage as a human being. Having the sense of humor of a five-year-old is the least of Vince McMahon's problems. The much more serious fact here is that McMahon was making fun of something that happened to Jim Ross in real life that could very well have been life-threatening.

Jim Ross' recent surgeries were not "just to remove a bunch of waste" from his body. Ross' surgeries were necessary to correct what could have been a life-threatening situation. When Ross' doctors said after the first surgery that there was a massive growth that would need to be removed, Jim Ross and his family spent several days not knowing if he had cancer. Is that funny?

Here's a newsflash to Vince McMahon: Cancer is not funny. A family's pain and distress is not funny. Your incompetent writing team is not funny. The fact that you're more deserving of going to hell than just about anyone else in the entire "entertainment" industry is not funny.

I'm sure none of that matters to Vince McMahon since all he cares about is the bottom line, so here's something that should be really un-funny to Vince McMahon: As a pro wrestling fan, I don't have to put up with your s--t anymore if I want to see a quality pro wrestling product on a national level. There is something called TNA Wrestling that I can watch on national television every week and on pay-per-view every month. Maybe you've heard of them. Unlike WWE, TNA understands the importance of in-ring wrestling, and TNA is not run by people who are complete scumbags.