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Thursday, August 18, 2005
Pro Wrestling--- Vince McMahon's favorite son-in-law, Triple H, was on the season finale of MTV's Punk'd this week. Stephanie McMahon was with him and was in cahoots with the producers of the show. Stacy Keibler was also there, but was not a participant in the stunt itself. Stacy was only there as an observer to sit with Ashton Kutcher and the other producers of the show as they fed lines to actors and watched the events unfold from numerous hidden camera angles.

Stephanie and Triple H walked into a room with the impression that they were there for a photographer to take pictures of Triple H for Maxim Magazine. As soon as the door to the room closed behind them, the entire cast of the prank scrambled into action, with a fake bride waiting right up against the other side of the door.

So, Stephanie and Hunter walk into the room, and Stephanie says, "Hi, I'm Steph." I couldn't hear how Triple H introduced himself, but I would be willing to bet it wasn't as Paul (his real first name). They are told by a photographer that he is just there to do the photography for a wedding and he doesn't know anything about a Maxim photo shoot, and they must have the wrong date or the wrong place. Triple H looks mildly annoyed at the mix-up, but not angry about it or anything like that. Stephanie waits so that Hunter leaves the room first, so that when Hunter opens the door, it slams smack-dab into the face of the supposed "bride."

The fake bride is on the floor crying, and they must have had a fake blood capsule thing to make it look like the door really did hit her right in the nose. Triple H seems nice at first, asking if she's okay, but quickly gets defensive about it when the fake "best man" of the wedding says, "This guy just plowed right through the door!" Triple H kept saying he just opened a door and this woman happened to be on the other side of it. The best man says, "But this guy slammed the door open!" and Triple H tells the best man to shut up (in the immediate aftermath of the bride going down).

At some point, the groom comes running in after someone went to get him, and he tries to comfort his bride. They make it seem realistic as more people in the fake wedding party show up at the scene of the accident, and ask what happened and have to be told what happened. Everytime someone asks what happened, the best man says that this guy opened the door really quick and it hit the bride in the face, and Triple H looks pissed at him but doesn't tell him to shut up again.

It was pretty funny up to this point, but here's where the hilarity really goes off the charts. The guy who is playing the role of the wedding photographer says, "Am I going to get paid? I'm here for four more hours, I want to get paid and I need to be taking pictures." Triple H tells him to shut his mouth and go in the other room, and he'll be there to talk to him in a few minutes. At this point, when they realize the photographer really gets on Triple H's nerves, Ashton Kutcher is feeding lines to the fake photographer to antagonize Triple H more.

The photographer is persistent and says that he has other gigs he could be doing with his time. Triple H says, "You're going to be pulling that camera out of your f---ing ass if you don't go in the other room and leave us alone." The photographer goes to the other room, but not before saying on the way over there that maybe Triple H should do some push-ups to blow off some steam, which elicits a death glare from Triple H. Triple H actually tries to close the door on the photographer, but the door is jammed and the photographer, best man, and groom all say at the same time that Triple H shouldn't be touching any more doors and he has done enough damage already.

The groom says that his bride might have a broken nose, and Triple H says that it will be taken care of (presumably meaning that he will pay for the medical expenses). The groom is still upset and says, "What about my wedding?" and Triple H's response is, "What do you want me to do about it?" since there isn't really much that can be done.

Hilariously, the photographer then comes out of the room with his camera equipment and starts setting up as if he's going to take pictures as people are tending to the bride's face. The photographer says that they should get some pictures while they still can, before her face starts to swell. And Triple H actually says to him, "You go back to your f---ing hole!" which has the entire production crew laughing hysterially backstage, including Stacy Keibler who is sitting with them.

The photographer says, "Come on, man, I'm just trying to do my job here, I'm getting paid to take pictures." Triple H tells him to go do his job in the other room. The photographer says he can't do his job in the other room because no one is in there, at which point Triple H asks him how expensive his camera equipment is. Before the fake photographer can answer, Triple H says, "... because I'm about to smash it if you don't get out of here." The best man then chimes in that maybe the photographer should take pictures "for evidence," which elicits another death glare but no spoken words from Triple H. The groom then asks the photographer if he's crazy and tells him not to take any pictures.

It seems that the situation has played out about as much as it can play out, so the crew of producers in the back headed by Ashton Kutcher (with Stacy Keibler right behind him since she was there an an observer) leave their room, go down a few hallways, and rush towards Triple H, telling him that he is on Punk'd. He smiles and laughs, but also looks a bit embarrassed. He did not acknowledge Stacy Keibler at all in the footage that was shown, and I can't help but wonder if there was heat on her after this prank happened because she is not married to Triple H but was still there watching for some reason.

In the brief footage that was shown of Triple H after he was told that he had been Punk'd, Stephanie McMahon was not in those shots that I could see, although Triple H did tell someone, "I'm going to get you!" It wasn't clear who he was talking to, but it looked like it might have been Ashton Kutcher, and it was definitely not Stephanie.

Hilariously, Stephanie's name was mis-spelled in two different places, both during the show in her caption and during the credits when they listed all the people who appeared on the show. Her name was spelled, "Stephani McMahon." To compensate for this injustice, Stephanie is probably going to hire a dozen more Hollywood writers who know nothing about pro wrestling. Maybe she'll raid the staff of Punk'd just to teach them a lesson. You don't mis-spell the name of the Billion Dollar Princess and get away with it.