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Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Mixed Martial Arts--- Nathan Marquardt Tests Positive for Steroids
Originally Published on August 15, 2005 on MMAWeekly.com
by Ivan Trembow

Breaking news.... MMAWeekly has learned that UFC figher Nathan Marquardt has tested positive for steroids. Following the UFC's Ultimate Fight Night event on August 6th, two fighters were drug-tested: Nathan Marquardt and Ivan Salaverry. Salaverry's test results have come back negative, but Nathan Marquardt's test results came back this afternoon and were positive.

Marquardt tested positive for a significant amount of nandrolone metabolite, which is a serious anabolic steroid. Nandrolone is the same steroid that was found in the body of heavyweight boxer James Toney earlier this year. Marquardt has not received the official complaint from the athletic commission yet, but he did receive formal notification that he tested positive earlier today.

Whenever Marquardt does receive the full complaint (more than likely a few days from now), he will have 20 days to formally respond and/or appeal. At that point, a hearing date would be set, and at that hearing Marquardt could be suspended and/or fined. At this point, the athletic commission is awaiting a formal response from Nathan Marquardt.

One important side note is that this will not change the result of the Marquardt vs. Salaverry fight, which is that Marquardt won the fight by unanimous decision. There is no provision in place in the state of Nevada to change a boxing or MMA fight to a no-contest if the winning fighter is found to have steroids in his system.

For example, Josh Barnett had steroids in his system when he beat Randy Couture in 2002, and the victory technically still stands in the record books. Similarly, when Gan McGee's representatives tried to get his loss to Tim Sylvia changed to a no-contest in 2003 following Sylvia's positive steroids test, McGee's representatives were unsuccessful in in their efforts.

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