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Monday, August 01, 2005
In-House Notes--- At the beginning of every month, I list the ten countries that have provided Ivan's Blog with the most page views in the previous month. This time around, I am also listing the top ten most-viewed articles on Ivan's Blog for the month of July.

I am able to do this because the statistical engine for Ivan's Blog compiles anonymous user statistics and tells me things like which web sites are directing visitors to my web site, and which countries people are in when they are loading Ivan's Blog.

Previously, the top ten countries for June 2005 were (in order from one to ten) the United States, Australia, Japan, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Brazil, and Singapore.

With the month of July coming to a close, France and Singapore have fallen out of the top ten, and have been replaced in the top ten by Norway and Sweden.

Top Ten Countries for July 2005 Based on Anonymous Visitor Statistics
(Ivan's Blog page views from each country in parenthesis)

1. United States (22,755)
2. Canada (1,203)
3. Australia (1,192)
4. Great Britain (1,166)
5. Norway (881)
6. Sweden (657)
7. Germany (639)
8. Netherlands (596)
9. Brazil (399)
10. Japan (369)
Countries with the smallest amount of page views (in random order): Jordan, Brunei Darussalam, Panama, Mauritius, Jamaica, Nepal, Kenya, Kuwait, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Sudan, Bulgaria, Uganda, Bangladesh

Another feature of the statistical engine is that it tells me which individual articles get the most page views. Here is a listing of the top ten articles for the month of July, with the Scientology and WWE Terrorism articles getting the most page views in a landslide.

Top Ten Most-Viewed Articles in July 2005

1. Tom Cruise's Latest Meltdown Leads to a Serious Look at Scientology

2. WWE Crosses All Remaining Lines of Decency by Exploiting Terrorism for Profit

3. WWE Terrorism Storyline Prompts Huge Backlash from Viewers and the Media

4. Analysis of Matt Hardy's Decision to Re-Sign with WWE, plus WWE's Relationship with Ring of Honor

5. Florida-Based Activist Jack Thompson Targets The Sims 2, plus PlayStation 3 News

6. Looking Ahead to the Possibility of Floyd Mayweather vs. Ricky Hatton

7. ECW One Night Stand Goes Down in History as One of the Best PPVs Ever

8. The Legendary Career of Mike Tyson Comes to an End

9. An In-Depth Look at WWE's Ridiculous Response to the Terrorism Storyline Backlash

10. Substance Beats Style as Floyd Mayweather Completely Dominates Arturo Gatti