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Friday, June 03, 2005
Pro Wrestling--- I'm surprised that none of the top pro wrestling writers (other than Bruce Mitchell) have expressed much in the way out of outrage about the Memorial Day intro from this past Monday's episode of Raw, which was narrated by Vince McMahon. I think it should just be common decency that you don't use images of 9/11 to get across a message about a war, whether your view is pro-war or anti-war. Regardless of your viewpoint, images of 9/11 should not be "fair game" to further whatever your agenda might be.

For Vince McMahon to use images of 9/11 to get across his pro-war agenda was lacking in any taste or class, and that's coming from someone who considers himself to be a "pro-war-in-Iraq" person. There is no direct tie to say, as McMahon essentially did in the presentation of images, "Well, 9/11 happened, and so we had to go to war in Iraq."

You could certainly say that 9/11 happened and so we had to approach the war on terrorism in a different way for the rest of time from that point forward, but that's a more complicated point to make and I guess it's easier for McMahon to simply say, "9/11 happened, so we had to go to war in Iraq." Even the most zealous of pro-war people would not try to say that with a straight face, and the Republican party has never outright said that, which just shows that Vince McMahon doesn't really follow politics or the news.

One might have already suspected a lack of perspective by the fact that the fake office of Smackdown's storyline general manager, Teddy Long, has framed pictures of two men prominently displayed: Martin Luther King, Jr and Vince McMahon... because, you know, they're both on the same level as far as people that we should all look up to.

This kind of thing harkens back to the memory of Stephanie McMahon, on the live episode of WWE Smackdown that aired on September 13, 2001, saying that 9/11 was just like that time the federal government tried to go after her father. Yes, thousands of innocent people dying, and the feds charging Vince McMahon with steroid distribution are on the same level or are comparable in any way. That's a really wide world-view, Stephanie.

As usual, any message that is "in support of the troops" from WWE is, in fact, simply exploiting the troops to further WWE's own agenda, make WWE look better, give WWE good publicity, etc. Anything good that Vince McMahon has ever done "for the troops" (like the two Christmas in Iraq shows) is out-weighed by his exploitation of the troops, and the fact that there is grossly excessive "self-patting-on-the-back" for anything good that he does.