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Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Television--- And the award for the least surprising reality show elimination in the history of television goes to... Craig getting fired on last week's episode of The Apprentice so that the final two could be Kendra and Tana. To use a phrase coined by HBO's Mr. Show, it would have been a "trava-shamockery" if anything else had happened.

As for Kendra vs. Tana, I think Kendra is the clear winner and have thought that for several weeks. There is no "huge strike" against Kendra, whereas Tana will have to overcome the fact that she couldn't even stay up for one full night to complete the Pontiac brochure task, leaving Kendra to do all the work for the team. Kendra did so and single-handedly won that task for her team, on the same episode in which Donald Trump said that if you don't have the mental endurance to work for 24 or 48 hours at a time, you could never run one of his companies.

Plus, ever since the successful duo of Kendra and Tana were separated and put on separate teams, it has been Tana who has fallen apart and shown serious leadership issues while Kendra has remained strong. In any case, if the second season finale taught us anything, it's that no matter what they say on this Thursday's live season finale about "trying to decide right there on the spot who the winner is," the winner was already decided by Trump & Co. sometime between the end of filming and the live season finale date.