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Thursday, May 26, 2005
Mixed Martial Arts--- Chuck Liddell Signs Huge Endorsement Deal; Pride Goes After UFC Heavyweight Fighter

by Ivan Trembow for MMAWeekly.com

The Observer Newsletter is reporting that Chuck Liddell has signed a new endorsement deal with the supplement company Xyience with "money figures that have people stunned." Though the Observer article did not say exactly how much money Liddell will make under the new deal, it did refer to the deal as "a giant breakthrough for MMA athletes."

Other news items courtesy of the Observer Newsletter...

Pride is close to signing heavyweight fighter Mike Kyle away from the UFC. To give you an idea of what Pride considers an attractive offer to a heavyweight free agent who they are trying to take away from their biggest competitor, Kyle was offered a three-fight contract with the following financial terms. The first fight on the deal is for $15,000 to fight and $15,000 more to win. A win would raise Kyle's pay to $25,000 for fighting and $25,000 for winning, while a second win in Pride would raise his pay to $75,000 for fighting and $75,000 for winning. Kyle is 2-1 in the UFC, with knockout wins over Wes Sims and James Irvin, along with a knockout loss to Justin Eilers. Kyle is currently recovering from a broken hand suffered in his victory over James Irvin.

Tito Ortiz is out of the Abu Dhabi submission grappling tournament. The Observer reports that Ortiz' people "asked for a spot and were offered a spot, but he never got back to the promotion." This is news that first broke on MMAWeekly Radio and was later picked up by the Observer.

Finally, the Observer also reports that K-1 has tentatively scheduled a match in Hiroshima, Japan on June 14 between former pro wrestler Sean O'Haire (who is 0-2 in K-1) and the 7-foot-6-inch South Korean giant, Hong-Man Choi.

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