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Sunday, May 01, 2005
In-House Notes--- One of the great features of the stats engine for Ivan's Blog is that it compiles anonymous user statistics and tells me things like which web sites are directing visitors to my web site, and which countries people are in when they're loading Ivan's Blog.

A new feature on Ivan's Blog will be that once per month, I will list the ten countries that have provided Ivan's Blog with the most page views in the previous month, starting off with the info for April 2005.

Top Ten Countries for April 2005 Based on Anonymous Visitor Statistics

(Ivan's Blog page views from in each country in parenthesis)

1. United States (18,533)
2. Great Britain (1,285)
3. Canada (1,232)
4. Australia (1,050)
5. China (884)
6. Germany (698)
7. Netherlands (629)
8. Mexico (259)
9. Japan (238)
10. Brazil (236)

Countries with the smallest amount of page views: Malta, Slovenia, Macau, Venezuela, Latvia, Fiji, Senegal, Moldova, Vietnam, Uruguay