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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
In-House Notes--- It has taken a while, but I have finally completed the assortment of site tweaks and upgrades that I have been working on. This post contains a full summary of all the changes, many of which were just made in the past day or so.

Changes Made in the Past Week:

-Ivan's Blog is now accessible at two different URLs. MasterGamer.com will continue to take you to the main page of Ivan's Blog, but now IvansBlog.com will also work. This should make the site's URL easier to remember for newer visitors who weren't around when "Master Gamer" existed as a video game web site. All of the old Master Gamer content from before 2002 will continue to be available at www.mastergamer.com/index2.html.

-The e-mail address ivan@ivansblog.com has been activated, and the old e-mail address (ivan@mastergamer.com) still works, too.

-Each individual post on Ivan's Blog now has its own permanent page, which you can access at any time by clicking where it says "Single Page for This Post" at the bottom of every post. This is very convenient for people who want to send links to friends, or bookmark one particular post in their web browser.

-On the old Master Gamer site, the navigational bar now directs you to the main page of Master Gamer when you click "Main Page." Previously, it would direct you to the main page of Ivan's Blog instead.

Changes Made in the Past Day:

-Ads from Google have been integrated into both Ivan's Blog and Master Gamer.

-At the bottom of every post on Ivan's Blog, there is now a link that lets you e-mail any article to a friend.

-Ivan's Blog now has an XML feed that makes the site viewable on a huge assortment of portable devices like PDAs, cell phones, and just about anything else that can connect to the Internet. Also, if you choose to sign up for the XML feed, you will be notified every time Ivan's Blog is updated. If you'd like to sign up for the Ivan's Blog XML Site Feed, just use the link that is now found at the bottom of every page (or click here).

-A link to the "Ivan's Blog Main Page" has been added to the left-hand column of every single page on Ivan's Blog. Previously, there were no direct links to the main page on Ivan's Blog, so the only way to return to the main page was to manually click your web browser's "Back" button one or more times.

-All of the archive links are now 100% reliable for individual posts, individual months, and everything in between. Previously, a few of the archive links were temporarily offline.

-I will continue to make new posts on the blog about a variety of topics, in addition to all of the MMA-related content that I write in the future for MMAWeekly, which will also be published on Ivan's Blog.

If you have any feedback that you'd like to share about any of the recent changes on Ivan's Blog, please feel free to send me an e-mail.