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Sunday, November 14, 2004
Pro Wrestling--- Tonight, it's WWE Survivor Series on pay-per-view, otherwise known as, "The Son-In-Law Gets To Make It Through Another PPV Without Doing A Job or Dropping the Strap."

It is also a night of needless injury risks. Can anyone tell me why Carlito, one of the most promising young wrestlers on the WWE roster, is going to risk further injury by wrestling with his dislocated shoulder rather than getting the required surgery right away?

On an even more urgent note, can anyone tell me why Kurt Angle is going to risk permanent paralysis yet again by stepping into the ring with the current condition of his neck? As long as he continues to experience the numbness and other symptoms of spinal injury that he has had over the past few weeks, Angle should not be allowed to wrestle until an MRI is done to establish the full extent of the current damage to his neck.

The past few years of wrestling have shown us in general, and with Angle's case in particular, that it is not a valid medical approach to "just keep going" when you know something is wrong with your spine. This continued approach by wrestlers when they suffer neck injuries is going to end up with someone being paralyzed, and the most tragic part of it will be that it could have been prevented.