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Monday, August 30, 2004
Mixed Martial Arts--- Kimo Fails Post-UFC 48 Drug Test; Disciplinary Action Forthcoming
by Ivan Trembow
Originally Published on MMAWeekly

Kimo Leopoldo failed the drug test that he took shortly after his loss to Ken Shamrock at UFC 48. The banned substance found in Kimo's body by the Nevada State Athletic Commission was believed to be stanozolol, which was the same anabolic agent that was found in Tim Sylvia's body last year. Stanozolol was also one of the three kinds of anabolic steroids that were found in Josh Barnett's body after his fight at UFC 36 in March 2002.

Kimo will have to take part in a hearing in front of the Nevada State Athletic Commission at some point, and will almost certainly be suspended for a length of time that is likely to be in the range of three to twelve months. As with all suspensions handed out by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, it will be valid with all NSAC-sanctioned fighting organizations, a list that includes the UFC, Pride, and K-1. Even in Japan, Pride and K-1 cannot use a suspended fighter on their shows without facing serious repercussions from the NSAC (ie, not being able to hold shows in Nevada anymore).

The other three fighters who were drug-tested at UFC 48 (Ken Shamrock, Frank Mir, and Tim Sylvia) all came back negative. Twelve of the sixteen fighters on the card were not drug-tested in any way.

Two side notes:

1) All NSAC drug tests are outsourced to Quest Diagnostics, one of the largest companies in America when it comes to drug-related and non-drug-related urine tests and blood tests.

2) This is the first time that Kimo has been drug-tested following a UFC fight since Zuffa purchased the UFC in 2001. He was not drug-tested following his previous UFC fight against Tank Abbott. Mixed martial artists are generally not drug-tested by the NSAC unless they are competing in a title fight and/or in the main event.

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