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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Pro Wrestling--- Rey Mysterio needs to have the knee surgery that he has put off for the past couple months. Not over the Christmas break as previously scheduled, not on December 5 as currently scheduled, but right now. With his history of knee problems, including multiple ACL tears in his career, the last thing Mysterio should be doing is working through and worsening a knee injury. As it stands right now, it could be "just" arthroscopic surgery and barring unforseen damage or complications, he could be out of action for as little as 2-4 weeks in the best-case scenario. Instead, he is tempting fate to strike him down with a more serious knee injury than he already has. Every day and every week that he wrestles on those injured knees not only increases the cumulative wear and tear that is causing him so much pain, but also increases the chances of tearing something that would keep him out for many months.

It's become almost painful to watch Mysterio's matches lately. One can't help but feel bad for him as the knee problems become more and more apparent with each TV match and interfere more and more with the moves he does. I understand the rationale of wanting to make money while you can and while you're hot with live crowds, but Rey Mysterio is the last person who should be thinking like that because he is no flash in the pan. He is such a spectacular wrestler that he could take off 2-4 weeks right now and come back just as hot with the audience as when he left, simply by re-establishing himself upon his return with one or two of his signature high-flying matches.