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Monday, November 18, 2002
Pro Wrestling--- The Big Show beating Brock Lesnar for the WWE Title has to be the single worst booking decision of all time. It's the kind of thing that makes people turn off their televisions and never watch wrestling again. It makes Vince Russo's decision to give David Arquette the WCW title seem like a brilliant stroke of genius by comparison. It was bad enough to put the no-talent lug in the Smackdown main event for the WWE Title under any circumstances, but to have him actually beat Lesnar and win the title is downright disgraceful.

It's especially non-sensical given the fact that they have spent almost a year waiting for just the right time and circumstance for Brock Lesnar to lose his first match, and this is who they decide to give that instant boost of star power? And even from a story line standpoint, Lesnar beat The Rock, Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker cleanly, but he can't beat a big fat loser like The Big Show? It's insulting to viewers that the WWE just expects all of us to forget that Big Show has spent the last two years losing to almost everyone in the company. Now he jumps to Smackdown with a new haircut and he's suddenly an unstoppable monster?

It would be the equivalent of the WWE having Rikishi lose to everyone in the company for two years, and then suddenly turn him into an unbeatable wrecking machine and justify it with the 1980's logic of "he's really big, you know." Being seven feet tall and 500 pounds shouldn't entitle you to anything in the wrestling business, unless of course you have a modicum of talent to back it up. The Big Show had that talent at the very beginning of his career, but when his early success when to his head, he became lazy and unmotivated and horribly out of shape. He's been that way for years now, and yet here he is, winning the WWE Title from one of the two biggest rookie sensations of the past ten years (the other, needless to say, is Kurt Angle).

I am fully aware of the fact that Lesnar has to take time off due to his broken rib, but it's not going to be months off, and the WWE Title is normally only defended once per month these days anyway. Some idiot on the WWE writing staff might say, "Well, we want to be able to advertise that the WWE Champion will be wrestling at house shows," but that argument goes out the window thanks to the common sense logic that no one is going to buy a live event ticket just to see The Big Show (he doesn't "put asses in the seats," as Tony Schiavone might say).

In any case, the fact that Brock Lesnar was able to repeatedly lift and suplex a 500-pound man is impressive, especially considering his broken rib. Having a broken rib and still being able to (seemingly easily) lift a 500-pound man over your head and spin him around like a damn airplane is downright amazing. Lesnar is a machine, and unlike the much less reliable, much less level-headed, and much more injury-prone Bill Goldberg, Lesnar is actually able to deliver good wrestling matches in the ring on a regular basis. He's like Goldberg, only with talent.