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Thursday, September 12, 2002
Pro Wrestling--- A lot of people have been expressing their outrage on numerous wrestling web sites about the lesbian angle on this past Monday's episode of WWE Raw. While on some levels the angle was nothing more than Vince McMahon's way of saying, "The PTC can't touch me anymore, so look what I can do," I wasn't offended by anything that happened in the ring, with one exception. First of all, just the fact that the two characters were homosexual was not portrayed in a negative light. If anything, Jerry Lawler portrayed it as a wonderful, magical thing that should be appreciated and maybe even worshipped. Also, Eric Bischoff wasn't forcing the lesbians to do anything in the context of the story line. Actually, the two lesbian characters wanted things to go further than Bischoff was willing to allow, as evidenced by Bischoff having to stop them from taking things too far several times.

As for the Island Boys coming out and attacking them, it's pretty hard to be offended by an Island Boys segment anymore. After seeing them attack two 80-year-old women, a female ring announcer, and a midget dressed up like Goldust, I wasn't shocked to see them attack the lesbians. The one and only thing in this segment that bothered me was one of the Island Boys delivering a stiff kick to the midsection of one of the lesbians. Executing a variation of a suplex or powerbomb on a woman can be plainly seen as "just a wrestling move" and is in no way a simulation of real-life violence. Even doing the big splash off the top rope is a wrestling move and not a simulation of real-life violence. Striking someone to the midsection is not a wrestling move and is more of a simulation of real-life violence, and it's the only thing in the segment that went a bit too far.

Other than that, the only offensive thing about Raw's lesbian segment to me was simply that it has no place on a pro wrestling show. It didn't do anything to further any wrestling matches, or wrestling story lines. All it might have done was get Eric Bischoff and the Island Boys over as heels more than they already were, and even that is arguable given everything that they've already done in recent weeks. The fact that Monday's Raw drew a 3.4 rating-- the lowest in four years-- will hopefully be a wake-up call to a writing staff with no real sense of direction at this point.