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Thursday, September 26, 2002
Football--- Is there a better team to root against in all of football than the St. Louis Rams? They acted overconfident all year last season like they were entitled to win the Super Bowl and it was a foregone conclusion that they would do so, only to be shut down by a Patriots team that still doesn't get half of the respect that it deserves. What's more fun? Seeing Kurt Warner pout on the sidelines every time the Rams make a mistake, or seeing Kurt Warner get the ball with the game on the line and throw the ball directly to the other team for an interception two weeks in a row?

Also, Brian Billick has some competition in the "Biggest Ego in Coaching Award" from Rams coach Mike Martz, who always seems to have a smug look on his face that indicates, "Well, we're losing, but I'm still the smartest guy here, you know!" The fact of the matter is that this so-called "offensive genius" may, in fact, be an idiot. Only Mike Martz could under-use and mis-use the most dominant player in football, Marshall Faulk, the way he has.

While we're on the subject of arrogant prima donnas, how about Keyshawn Johnson? Here is a guy who has never done anything in the NFL except underachieve on the field and, from all accounts, be an asshole to all of his teammates and coaches off the field. He's no different than fellow wide receiver prima donna Randy Moss, except Moss has more raw talent than Keyshawn could ever dream of. Johnson is no different than fellow wide receiver prima donna Terrell Owens, except for the fact that Owens hasn't been a chronic underachiever for his entire career.

The sight of Keyshawn Johnson getting in his coach Jon Gruden's face and screaming on Monday Night Football is enough to make you get out of your chair and say, "Get him off the field!" There's no place out there for a guy who couldn't give less of a damn if his team wins and is only interested in "getting the damn ball" himself whether it's what is best for the team or not. After the game was over and Bucs won, Johnson's attitude didn't change and he still had the look of a five-year-old child on his face because he didn't get the ball enough times I'm not the biggest Jon Gruden fan in the world, but he doesn't deserve to have to constantly deal with someone like Johnson who isn't particularly good on the field and makes everyone's life a living hell off the field.

No one in the Buccaneers organization has ever had the guts to stand up to Johnson except for one man-- Warren Sapp. See, Sapp actually goes out there and busts his ass every game and wants his team to win whether he gets sacks or not. Sapp is actually able to speak his mind during media interviews without being an asshole and without disrupting team chemistry. Warren Sapp is everything that Keyshawn Johnson is not, so it only makes sense that the two would clash behind the scenes as much as they have. Sadly, no one else in the Bucs organization is willing to stand up to Keyshawn. Tony Dungy wasn't willing, Jon Gruden apparently isn't willing, and no one else on the team is willing. This cycle is just going to be allowed to continue until Johnson is eventually traded to another team, which he will then spend the next few years dragging down with him.